Product Decoration | Advanced Acrylic Packaging for Beauty Products: Lotion Bottles and More

Product Decoration | COSJAR has been in the skincare & cosmetics packaging market for over 40 years.

Product Decoration

Cosjar provides comprehensive decorations including spray painting, color injection, metallization and printing, offering an unique style with your own color and design! All colors we can follow the Pantone color number or a sample standard, please feel free to contact with us if you have any other special idea of customization.

Product Decoration

1. Coloring

In coloring process, we offer spray painting, color injection and metallization solution.

• Spray Painting
Spray painting can be applied on several ways, including inner and outer part of bottles/jars and caps. Since all the Pantone colors are available, the only thing you need to do is to decide the color you prefer and provide Pantone numbers to us accordingly.
However, if you have no idea about the exact Pantone numbers were, our team would imitate the color for you, just by simply sending the sample of target color to us.

Pearl Spray
Spraying with elegant-pearl painting which reflects soft glow and smooth visual effect.

Gradient Spray
Spraying single or double colors with gradually faded either from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Metallic Spray
It can be applied on the interior part of outer bottle/jar or caps. Accordingly, there is less possibility to leave finger prints on the packaging and less minimum quantity in comparison of the "Metallization". If you are looking for the super shinny effect but in a low quantity, the metallic spray painting would be your best choice.

Metallic + Graduate Spray
Spraying single or double colors of metallic coating with gradually faded either from top to bottom or bottom to top.

• Color Injection
Color injection is a technique by adding color masterbatch during the forming process.
Since the color is injected in the forming process directly, there’s no peeling problem on this color design solution. We have 3 methods of color injection for your selection, including solid color effect, solid color with pearled effect and transparent color effect. These 3 finishes can be applied on various material such as acrylic, PP, PET, PETG, HDPE, etc.
If you prefer to add PCR material on the packaging, solid color is the only suggestion.

Solid Color Effect
Injecting homogeneous color in eco-friendly PP single-layer bottles and jars.

Solid Color with Pearled Effect
Injecting pearl color in single-layer bottles, featuring soft glows and pearl-like visual effect on the surface.

Transparent Color Effect
Injecting transparent color in single or double layer bottle, and you can have a see-through container with different color you like.

• Metallization
Metallization method, also called "Electroplating", which covered on the exterior surface of bottles, jars or caps. Since it has clearer reflections and shinier than "Metallic Spray Painting", your products will be altered into modern and realistic metal look.

2. Printing

In printing process, we offer silk-screen printing and hot-stamping printing solution which are available for all types of materials.

• Silk-Screen Printing
Silk screening is the process in which ink is pressed through a photographically treated screen onto the surface. You can feel the texture of printed graphics on the decorated surface.

Furthermore, in double-layer packaging series, we can not only print on the exterior part of outer bottles and jars, but also on the outer surface of inner packaging without any defect, so that it showed up our sophisticated techniques and strict QC standards in every single process.

You just need to provide us your esteemed artwork for sampling until approval.

Single Color

Double Colors

Triple or more Colors

• Hot-Stamping Printing
Different from silk-screen printing, the biggest feature of Hot-Stamping is to utilize foil paper, stamping metallic text or logo on the surface of packaging.

Hot stamping produces a shiny and luxurious appearance on bottles, jars, and caps. Colored foils are often gold and silver, but brushed or opaque colors are also available per your special request design.

Hot Stamping + Silk-Screen Printing

3. Accessories

We offering plenty of customized options even for accessories such as aluminum caps, aluminum droppers, and metallization caps.

• Aluminum Color Decoration

• Cap Metallization

Meticulously crafted to offer durability, functionality, and style for all your packaging needs.

Product Decoration | Custom Cosmetic Packaging Designs: Tailored Solutions with High-Quality Lotion Bottles and Cream Jars

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