Factory Introduction | Durable and Visually Appealing Cosmetic Jars for Creams

Factory | COSJAR has been in the skincare & cosmetics packaging market for over 40 years.


Factory Introduction


Taizhou K.K. Plastic Co., Ltd, founded in 2003 and owned by the Taiwan K.K. Group, specializes in high-quality plastic bottles and jar containers for cosmetic products. We present and promote these products under our own brand, Cosjar. Our diverse material range includes MS (Acrylic), AS, PS, ABS, PP, PET, PETG, PE, and RCR. With significant expansions over the years, our factory now operates over 100 machines, including injection and blowing machines, advanced decoration equipment, and efficient assembly lines to cater to the varied needs of our clients.


Taizhou K.K. is strategically located in the Taizhou Development Zone of Jiangyan Province, China. Spanning 79,500 square meters, our facility is conveniently situated approximately 3.5 hours from Shanghai port, ensuring smooth and efficient export processes for our skincare and cosmetics packaging products.


Our factory covers 79,500 square meters and houses over 100 machines, boasting an annual production capacity of 10-15 million sets. We offer a comprehensive one-stop service, managing the entire production process from raw materials to finished product packaging on-site. Our facility includes:

  • Molding Department: Home to over 800 molds, maintained regularly to ensure optimal quality.
  • Forming Department: Equipped with injection, injection-blowing, and blowing machines for diverse packaging components.
  • Coloring Department: Features a paint division matching colors to Pantone specifications and a spray painting room with versatile decoration methods. Our water wall facility in the spray painting room ensures a healthy work environment by purifying the air.
  • Printing Department: Utilizes automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and 3D printing machines. All printing molds are stored in a dedicated room for quality assurance.
  • Assembly Line: Every part undergoes a 100% online quality inspection. Employees wear hats and uniforms to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination. Finished products are stored in our warehouse, ready for shipping.


General lead time is 45-60 working days, depending on order quantity and decoration types.


    Taizhou K.K. is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and SA 8000 certified, reflecting our commitment to quality, environmental management, and social accountability.

Meticulously crafted to offer durability, functionality, and style for all your packaging needs.

Factory | Innovative and Sustainable Beauty Packaging by COSJAR

COSJAR, established in 1976 and based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, excels in high-quality acrylic beauty packaging. We specialize in plastic bottles, cosmetic containers, and skincare solutions. Renowned for our durable and visually appealing designs, we lead the beauty industry in innovation and sustainability. From lotion bottles to cream jars, our eco-friendly packaging meets the diverse needs of global beauty brands. With a focus on precision, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, COSJAR enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your beauty products.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure precise, high-quality acrylic packaging that aligns with modern cosmetic and skincare trends. We provide a one-stop shopping service from design to quality control, catering to diverse packaging needs with various materials and customized decorations. COSJAR emphasizes sustainability and continuous improvement, offering eco-friendly options and maintaining ISO 9001 certification to guarantee top-tier product quality and reliability for global beauty brands.

COSJAR has been offering customers environmentally friendly packaging solutions to worldwide customers, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experience, COSJAR ensures each customer's demands are met.