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COSJAR Crystal Reflection Series Introduction

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Crystal Reflection Series

Author: COSJAR Sales Team
Crystal Reflection
Crystal Reflection

A new COSJAR acrylic double-wall design bottles & jars series: Crystal Reflection (E/D-C) has been officially launched. This series is now available from the capacity of 10ml to 100ml.

Welcome to Cosjar new CRYSTAL REFLECTION line (E-C/D-C series), this line comes with an elegant and unique touch that will draw your attention!This new bottle and jar collection create a new structure of the future, with its double-wall design and unique polygonal cut cap will give a special feel that even with your eyes closed you will have a crystal-clear sense of the bottle/jar you have on your hand which will give the confidence that you are choosing the right product. Crystal Reflection line provide the available capacity of 30ml to 100ml for the bottles and 10ml to 50ml for the Jars, giving you the free choice for your color preference and decoration.Come and see for yourself our newest line that will be on display at our upcoming exhibitions at CITE JAPAN 2019 May 15-17 and at Cosmetic Business Munich 2019 June 5-6.