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COSJAR COSJAR Reporting Skincare Cosmetics Packaging's Latest Global Trends Introduction

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COSJAR Reporting Skincare Cosmetics Packaging's Latest Global Trends

2015/06/12 Author: COSJAR Sales Team
New Skincare Packaging Trend: COSJAR (Metal Planet Series)
New Skincare Packaging Trend: COSJAR (Metal Planet Series)

In the ever-changing cosmetics market, it is crucial to stay ahead of the trend. In America, Europe and Asia, suppliers of packaging are working to maintain their product’s novelty factor. What’s new today may be outdated by the next month. We at COSJAR have to face such face pace of beauty market. As we do business with global clients, we find some interesting trends that are worth pointing out:

1. Europe, and America markets are using more PET and PP based products, under the concept of eco-friendly and low environmental impact. Producers are striving to show high quality and delicate with these materials. For example, a new PP bottle has smooth, velvet-like feel on its surface. Some cosmetic brands also like Acrylic products, especially those with sleek lines and design, like our RB and CD series.

2. Asia market, just like in Korea, new features of packaging material are being developed and tested on the market. But some of these new designs are sometimes too “conceptual” to be really accepted by consumers. Meanwhile, Chinese Packaging producers are very active in researching and developing for new production process and refine their packaging quality.

3. Contrary to past impressions, which people would label Chinese products as “cheap”, “unreliable”, nowadays, China-made packaging qualities have progressed vastly due to using more advanced injecting machines, and fierce market competition. Now the China-made Acrylic packaging product is used by many world-class cosmetics name-brands. Our new product lines (HB Series) also show our ability to design according to market reactions.

COSJAR, as a leader in innovation of packaging products in China and world market, is well known for delivering high quality and launching new products. Recently, while we enjoy an increasing sales performance, we also aim to expand our production capacity and deepen our quality checking procedure, to provide an even better product quality and service.

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