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Cubic Refillable Jar 50/60ml 01

Cubic Refillable Jar 50/60ml

Innovative in design and sustainable in practice, refillable jar offers both elegance and environmental responsibility.

Round Double-layer Collection 02

Round Double-layer Collection

The elegantly designed vessel features a dual-layer structure, ensuring superior protection for your product.

Round Airless bottle 30ml 03

Round Airless bottle 30ml

Designed to prevent air and contaminants from your products, it ensures their longevity and preserves their quality.

Refillable Round Lotion/Spray Bottle 50ml 04

Refillable Round Lotion/Spray Bottle 50ml

Incorporate sustainability seamlessly into your routine with our revolutionary eco-friendly refillable collection.

Sleek & Elegant Oval Collection 05

Sleek & Elegant Oval Collection

Distinctive shape and transparent material provide visibility of the product while ensuring protection and esthetic.

Round PP Airless Bottle 15ml 06

Round PP Airless Bottle 15ml

Ensuring integrity and longevity with airless structure while benefiting eco concept across various capacities.

COSJAR produce luxury & Eco concept packaging for niche markets & prestige brands. Being an advancement factory, we enhance machinery actively. Passionate about delivering exceptional experiences!

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