Round Shape Acrylic Luxury Cosmetic & Skincare Packaging

Acrylic Round Dispensing Bottles & Cream Jars. Bottle capacity :30ml-100ml, Jar:10ml-50ml

Cosmetic Packaging Collection - Metal Planet
Cosmetic Packaging Collection - Metal Planet

Metal Planet - HB / HBA / HD Series

Sleek and shiny, combining the hi-tech look and classical aethesetics.
Metal Planet collection will make you stand out among the crowd...
After all, who wouldn't want to lead the trend?

We research and develop popular & modern shape to be our product lines. The unique series has the following special features: White ABS collar can be applied to a diverse decoration combination other than the aluminum one. Narrow based shape makes holding the bottle easier. Last but not least, the well-rounded actuator design gives smooth texture to the user.

The below photo show a classic look on blue attracting. Elegant & royal style ideal for men care products. Transparent cap with silver collar & pump, clear outer bottle with sprayed dark blue inside design. Customer can hot-stamping the logo onto the bottle or on the top of cap. For the jar part, we make a full foil silver ring around the cap, and there’s an outstanding logo on the medium. Same blue design as its bottles. We call this decoration “understated luxury”. (For different effect, please click the below link for more details)
The right photo is mature female favorite design. Wine red color is Passion & classical image. At Cosjar Packaging, our customers are accustomed to their requests being answered with a resounding. Fast matches on custom colors to support customers’ new product launches. On this series, we can do more in house decoration options such as silk screen printing, hot-stamping & metallization too. (For more details, please click the link)
The jars photo shown a pure & simple look for all generation. You can have a full foil ring around the cap edge or just metallized the whole cap become the most shine one among all shelves.
Material data sheet
Outer bottleMS
Inner bottlePP
Bottle collarABS
Pump ringPP
[Acrylic Square Lotion Bottle Packaging Collection, capacity from 30ml to 100ml ]
outer capMS
inner capABS
inner cupPP
outer jarMS
[Acrylic Square Cream Jar Packaging Collection, capacity from 10ml to 50ml.]
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