Acrylic Oval Cream Jar, 50ml

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Taiwan K. K. Corp., since 1976, is a Acrylic Oval Cream Jar, 50ml | cosmetic packaging manufacturer based in Taiwan.

All sizes and materials of makeup containers, including, cosmetic jars, cosmetic bottles, cosmetic airless bottles, etc. COSJAR has been providing one-stop skin care product packaging and beauty packaging solutions for over 40 years, as well as lotion bottle & makeup container innovative design and production.

COSJAR has been offering customers unique cosmetic packaging to worldwide customers, both with advanced technology and 37 years of experience, COSJAR ensures each customer's demands are met.

Acrylic Oval Cream Jar, 50ml


Beautiful 50 ml crystal clear acrylic oval shape cream jar suitable for skin care product such as day cream, night cream and mask … etc. This oval shape cream jar is also available in 15 ml and 30 ml which can make a complete series for anti-age line, hydration line, lifting line… etc. Besides, the double layer design of the jar is open to various decorations. Please check the below related photo.

Flying Symphony Series - Beauty Packaging Containers


- Two types of caps to diversify the product line
- Screw on/off, easy using
- Option to use a plastic/paper/alum sealer.
- Double layer wall for various design options

Standard Version

- White outer / inner cap
- White disk with tab
- Clear outer jar with white inner cup

DimensionL80 *W70* H62mm
outer capMS
inner capPP
Inner cupPP
Outer jarMS

Eye care products, facial care products, make-up etc.
VDA-50 Beauty Packaging VDA-50 Beauty Packaging
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