Acrylic Oval Cream Jar, 20ml

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Taiwan K. K. Corp. is one of the leading Acrylic Oval Cream Jar, 20ml | cosmetic packaging manufacturers based in Taiwan since 1976.

Beauty packaging from molding making, plastic injection, assembling production and custom decoration, COSJAR provides high quality, easily customized luxury packaging with solid reputation.

COSJAR has been offering customers unique cosmetic packaging, both with advanced technology and 37 years of experience, COSJAR ensures to meet each customer's demands.

Acrylic Oval Cream Jar, 20ml


Full range of oval plastic jar packaging for selection. Double layer design screw jar in 20ml. Ideal for eye cream, lip palm, nail gel & all facial care products. Stylish & artful is always catching consumers’ first impression.

Romantic Jewel Series - Beauty Packaging


- High quality design
- Screw on/off, easy using
- Option to use a plastic/paper/alum sealer
- Double layer wall for various decoration options

Standard Version

- Clear outer with foil rim, white inner cap
- White disk with tab
- Clear outer jar with white inner cup

DimensionL68 * W60 *H42mm
Outer capMS
Inner capPP
Inner cupPP
Outer jarMS

- Eye care products
- Facial care products
- Make-up products
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