Round Shape Acrylic Luxury Cosmetic & Skincare Packaging

Acrylic Oval Dispensing Bottles & Cream Jars. Bottle capacity :15ml-120ml, Jar:15ml-60ml

Cosmetic Packaging Collection - Romantic Jewel
Cosmetic Packaging Collection - Romantic Jewel

Romantic Jewel – VB / VD Series

This unique and innovative line offers a transparent look.
Its gorgeous & elegant oval shape design always captures the heart of the lookers.

The thicker bottles, especially when combined with the clouded pearl color, give the product an elegant, luxurious appearance that is great for higher end beauty products. These bottles can be filled with lotion, perfume, nail polish, foundation or other types of cosmetic products. They come in a variety of sizes, which means that they can fit in a bag or a purse. Acrylic plastic bottles are ideal for packaging cosmetics because they look like glass, yet are more durable. They are also of higher quality as compared to PET, PC or PP plastics.

Acrylic plastic is usually clear and uncolored. However, plastic bottles made from this material can be tinted before the container is formed. This means that it can come in many different colors and levels of transparency. There are some acrylic cosmetic containers that come in a gradient where the bottom can be tinted and the top remains transparent. (For different effect, please click the below link for more details)

Acrylic bottles can have an embossed design which can act as the label. These can also have aluminum strips for aesthetic purposes. Aluminum strips are simply attached to the body of the bottle and are coated with a metallic sheet for an elegant design. They can also be lightly powder coated so that the bottle is not transparent or opaque. Sticker labels can be easily attached to acrylic cosmetic containers. 

Material data sheet

Outer bottleMS
Inner bottlePP
Bottle collarAlum
Pump ActuatorPP
Pump ringAlum

[Acrylic Round Lotion Bottle Packaging Collection, capacity from 15ml to 120ml ]

outer capMS
inner capPP
inner cupPP
outer jarMS

[Acrylic Square Cream Jar Packaging Collection, capacity from 15ml to 60ml.]

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