Taizhou K.K. Plastic Co., Ltd acquired 70,000 sq. meter of land to build new facility and increase production capacity.
Jiangyan K.K. Plastic Co., Ltd renamed to “Taizhou K.K. Plastic Co., Ltd” due to the upgrading of administrative region.
Jiangyan K.K. Plastic Co., Ltd extended the production workshops from 2 to 3.
We launched 5 different new products from the end of 2008 to the early of 2009. Furthermore, we are now developing the PET bottles and will launch them into the market in the middle of 2009.
Jiangyan K.K. Plastic co., Ltd. is ISO-9001 certified by U.K. BSI.
American K.K.Corp. established in the state of Delaware, USA to promote sales markets in North America.
Offices in China continued to branch out in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing to provide in time service to clients in Mainland China.
2nd plant of "Jiangyan K.K. Plastic co., Ltd" was built due to high demands in China.  Various professional equipments were added to produce innovative cosmetics containers. Annual estimated production volume for cosmetic packaging is 10 million pieces.
The new packaging manufacturing mill was established in Guan-In Industrial Zone precise molds with integrated operation of decorating and printing.
Packaging Products Department launched its world renowned Cosjar Packaging - Acrylic jar/bottle.
American Kanox Corp., California, became our first quarter in the United States to promote markets in North America.
Packaging Division was established as our sole importer for plastic pump.
(The division is renamed to Packaging Products Department).
Taiwan K.K. Corporation was founded and specialized in water treatment chemicals.
Taiwan K.K. Milestone