New Products

New Products

Lily Melody Series

Here comes our new acrylic double-wall design jars & bottles series: Lily Melody (VB2/VDA-D). This series is now available from the capacity of 15ml to 120ml.

Flying Symphony Series

A new COSJAR acrylic double-wall design jars & bottles series: Flying Symphony (VBA/VDA) has been officially launched. This series is now available from the capacity of 15ml to 100ml.

Violet Blossom Series

We are pleased to announce that COSJAR has officially launched our new acrylic double-wall design jars & bottles series: Violet Blossom (KBA/KDA). This series is now available from the capacity of 20ml to 50ml.

Metal Planet Series

We're happy to announce that COSJAR officially launched our new bottle series: Metal Planet (HB) Series in April! The series inherited the double-wall design of COSJAR acrylic series, now available with capacity from 30ml to 100ml.

PP Airless/Dispenser

TKK proudly announces its new line of environmentally conscious product, the ARP Round Series Bottle. Buyers may choose from 30ML, the airless pump, and a regular 50ML pump dispenser.

PET blow-injected bottles

TKK has recently developed new product line – EP-series, manufactured from raw material PET and PP. The bottle is available in 150ml with variety of decoration upon clients’ request.

Ball ED Series

Our Orb-shaped Cosmetic Jar is combined by two different product lines, TD cap and ED jar body. A New Look evolved from existing lines, what a beautiful Jar Packaging for your Skincare Products!

DED Series

Our Cosmetic Jar Packagings have a wide variety of caps for mixing and matching, and they are able to show distinct different styles. From the picture above you can see the most basic jar line, D, combining ED cap, and created a new choice of jars, you are welcomed to create a container of your own as well.

Diamond A Series

Presenting the UFO-shaped cream jar, the A series, its jar curve is highly eye-catching. It comes with Aluminum or Diamond cap, to craft an even more elaborate look of the jar

EDL Series

Highly acclaimed Egyptian Sunrise (LD) cap meets the curvy and stylish ED jar body. The trending yellow chrysanthemum color mixed with golden caps, making these jars well suited for skin moisturizing products.

Metal ED Series

The picture depicts ED jar matching Aluminum cap, with bold Turkish blue combines with shiny silver, and the result is a classic and elegant acrylic jar.